Australia’s top streakers – do we really need to know?

On the home page of the Daily Telegraph website is a link that will take you to a photo gallery of “Australia’s best streakers” (link merely supplied to show that it is a factual gallery, not as a sign that I would endorse such a frivolous display of bare buttocks in the name of disrupting sporting events and the like).

Besides the fact that there’s nothing good about the art of streaking (or any unauthorised entrance onto a sporting field), is News Limited (the parent company of The Daily Telegraph) that bereft of ideas and ideals that it feels like slapping more than 60 photos of naked loonies on its site? I’d more often than not expect such trivialities from news reporting agencies such as Ananova who tend to report less serious news as often as they do serious.


One Response

  1. they miss out Alderman when he tackle a streaker and did his right shoulder

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