Andrew Johns – a hero forever tainted?

Does the revelation that rugby league legend Andrew Johns has struggled with a drug and alcohol problem for his career negate his glorious sporting achievements? As I watch an emotionally forlorn figure speaking with Phil Gould on the Footy Show, I don’t know what to think. He looks very, very guilty and ashamed about it, and it’s almost impossible to comprehend that as he brought great joy to the city of Newcastle through his on field deeds, off the field his life was the complete opposite.

In an nutshell,¬† all I can say is this – exalt people as your heroes and idols at your peril. Just like you and me, they’re fallible and will make mistakes. They may do things that are so amazing and outstanding, but by no means are they worthy of idolism.


Paul Merrill is a twit

According to Paul Merrill, editor of Australian men’s magazine Zoo Weekly, if you haven’t considered investing in breast augmentation for your girlfriend/spouse, you’re just not being romantic enough. Forget chocolates, flowers, a night out for dinner. The “it thing” is now, thanks to the boffins at this so called magazine, a $10000 breast enhancement procedure.

I know for one that I do not need to invest in any sort of surgery for Lauren, for I love her as God has created her to be. If she saw the need for any surgical procedure, it would be her choice. But I know for certain that I would be a fool to do what the magazine asks to do in order to have the chance of winning this miserable excuse for a prize.

Howard Webster¬† speaks the truth when he asks whether men would be comfortable if it was the other way around. This whole thing just shows how shallow the male mind can often be, and the desire that one can get to form the perfect physical woman, when in reality it’s the unseen attributes that dictate how special a female companion is.

And my thought on what the most romantic gift is? Each and every moment of time you spend with your spouse/girlfriend, because it is a gift shared with you both, and enriches the relationship so much more than a boob job.

Ear infections…grrrrr

I’ve got a dreaded ear infection plaguing me at the moment. Nothing like waking up at 2am on a Monday morning feeling as if you’ve been king hit in the side of the head. I’ll take the day off tomorrow and see my doctor to confirm it and make sure I treat it properly instead of doing what I did last time and let the infection take its course.

Ah, the futility of our mortal bodies.

Amazing Grace – a brief review

Lauren and I went to see the movie Amazing Grace yesterday, and I for one consider the message behind it to be compelling and challenging.

The story is a retelling of the work of William Wilberforce in the British Parliament and his efforts to see slavery abolished. Evidently, history speaks for itself, with the concept of slavery merely an historical memory.

The thing that inspired and challenged me the most was Wilberforce’s desire and persistence to stand in the face of such opposition and ridicule and promote the abolition of what was a brutal and demeaning culture of slavery. The fact that Wilberforce recognised that he could both serve God and change the world was another particularly compelling thing to consider.

I heartily recommend that people see this film, not only as a “period drama”, but as a snapshot of how a man can be influenced by his faith to be bold and persistent for a cause worth fighting for.