Getting to know me

The format of this Q & A is based upon that which I found at the Sola Panel blog – has interesting questions that are relevant to me and to the blog that I write. Enjoy!

How did you come to Christ?

I live in a Christian household, and as is customary for such a household, went to Sunday School and learned about who God was, what Jesus had done, etc. As I grew up, I began to realise that just going with the family to church wasn’t enough for me to say that I was a Christian, and God saved me when I was about 14.

How do you occupy your time?

I work full as the dock manager of the Penrith branch of Koorong, and in my spare time I love to immerse myself in music (both listening to, teaching and performing), a bit of reading, computer technology, and a bit of photography. I attend St Thomas’ Anglican Church and am heavily involved in the music ministry at all services (not too heavily though, because I know full well that one can be overcommitted in church ministry)

Could you tell us a bit about your background and your other interests?

I’m trained to be an engineer/builder, but as of yet haven’t felt the call to move into that industry. I did work as a structural steel estimator for a few months last year, but decided that I’d prematurely taken the stepfor the wrong reasons (plus the atmosphere was compromising my priorities to Gospel service). Eventually I do feel the call will come – it’s just a matter of recognising when.

What are you reading now?

I have a few books on my printer that, either due to lack of time or whatever, i haven’t had the chance to read as yet. I am partway through Listening to the Beliefs of Emerging Churches, which has been quite revealing and informative thus far.

What are five books that really helped you grow as a Christian?

  • With the Word (Warren W Wiersbe)
  • A Call to Spiritual Reformation (Don Carson)
  • The Heavenly Man (Brother Yun)
  • Gospel and Kingdom (Graeme Goldsworthy)
  • The Holy Bible

What are three books you’d recommend as must-reads right now?

As a bookseller I should be good at this, eh?

  1. Vintage Jesus (Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears) – if you’ve listened to the sermons on which this book is based, you’ll know that it is a forthright. take no prisoners approach of who Jesus really is. It seems to follow the talks somewhat, so listening and reading the book in tandem could be a good exercise.
  2. Preaching the Cross (Mark Dever, J Ligon Duncan, CJ Mahaney and Albert Mohler) – a wonderful and Biblical guidebook on preaching Christ. I’m by no means a preahcer, but there’s plenty of good and thoughtful content to help people of all skill levels to speak of Christ faithfully and truthfully
  3. Ice Station (Matthew Reilly) – I love good suspense filled fiction, and Matthew Reilly is by far and away the best Australia has offered to the world of fiction. I think a good test of fiction is if you can visualise the scene as if you are a fly on the wall as you read through the book. Reilly is a master at this.

What would your friends say are your hobby horses?

Grammar and musical correctness (I’ve been told that it is unquestionable that I have perfect pitch; I by no means wish to brag, but I think they’re right).

What is something that makes you angry?

The nonchalance that people show when they dismiss the sanctity of institutions such as marriage, embracing alternatives to the Biblical stance of one man, one woman, one flesh.

Who is someone who inspires you?

Any person who has been a faithful martyr for the Gospel

What is your ideal day off?

If it’s sunny, take my camera, get in the car and drive off to places where I can take interesting photos. Otherwise, sitting with my guitar and just noodling, be it by myself or with other musos.

Give us your top five musicians.

  • Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Miles Davis
  • Carter Beauford
  • Tim Reynolds
  • Bela Fleck

3 Responses

  1. […] Find out more about him here […]

  2. Dear Brother in Christ, ( I haven’t found your name yet)

    I’m enjoying getting to know you through your blog.
    I invite you to go to my web site and check out HIDDEN TREASURES. There you will find
    MY TESTIMONY and about 500 Bibically based articles I have written on a vast variety of subjects.

    I am 75 years old and thinking of retiring after over 50 years in the ministry.

    I have always been intrigued by a wonderful place to live. My eternal home is Heaven and I look forward to being there by God’s grace alone.

    MY wife and I will observe our 53 wedding anniversary this year. We have two sons and a daughter all married to godly mates and 11 grandchildren, all livkng for the Lord. Four of the grandcildren are married or will be by this summer. We have one great-grandchild on the way.

    I’m so glad God called me to the ministry. Life has been one great adventure with God, including the heart-breaks and the joys.

    God bless and lead you in His will.

    Your friend,

    Mal Bicker

  3. Brother… long time no see – just got too hard for me to get online – marriaga and all (yes Cherryl and I are married now 🙂 )

    Great to see your posts here, hope you are well! I’ll have to swing by the bookshop in Penrith and catch you there!

    Great to read God is calling you, I sense it on my own life as well. We’ll have to catch up mate, it’s been too long. Anyway talk soon, blessings,

    Drew aka LivingWorship

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