Row, row, row your boat…

…gently across the strait of Oresund (a 5km wide body of water separating Norway and Sweden), and fall asleep halfway.

Read more about this amusing story of an “adventurous” 78 year old Swede here.


Another day of disgrace for the Sydney road network

I certainly feel for those affected by the shutdown of the M5 East tunnel, and no apology from Eric Roozendahl can bring any sort of satisfaction to angry commuters who will be late for work today. You’d think that there’d be some sort of backup plan or system for such a complex tunnel network as the one that seems to be stuffed up today, as opposed to forcing motorists onto already clogged roads such as King Georges Rd and Bexley Rd.

Ray Hadley’s totally correct – we’re being run by a bunch of Muppets, and there are several million Statlers and Waldorfs booing and hissing every inept move that the government make.

Source: News Limited

Tsvangirai withdraws from Zimbabwe runoff election

It may end up saving more lives than may have been lost, but it is sad that Morgan Tsvangirai has felt the need to give up the fight to democratically take power away from Robert Mugabe. It is a shambolic result of the ZANU-PF and their suppression of their opposition’s efforts, going so far as to blame the MDC party for the violence that has resulted in 85 deaths and thousands of displaced Zimbabweans.

Source: Associated Press

Jane McGrath passes away

The wife of Australian cricketing great Glenn McGrath has sadly succumbed to her lengthy cancer battle, aged just 42. It’s been a well documented fight over the past decade, and I’m sure that it will not only affect Pigeon and their 2 young children, but many who would have known the family and feel like they know the family by virtue of Pigeon’s achievements on the cricket field and Jane’s sharing of her struggles.

In light of this sad news, I have decided to put the competition that I had running on hold, and donate the “prizemoney” to the McGrath Foundation. I was talking to Andrew (one of my regular readers, who has said in a past comment that he doesn’t have iTunes) at church this morning, and mentioned that I would donate the $50 to a charitable organisation if the winner so desired. The passing of a woman whose own plight did plenty to raise awareness of breast cancer seems an apt opportunity to do so.

My sincerest condolences to Glenn and his family.

Source: News Limited

Sydneysiders can wash their cars properly again!!

I am ecstatic that the next time I wash my car, I can use a hose again! Following the slight easing of water restrictions by the State Government, householders can use trigger nozzles fitted to their garden hoses to wash their cars.

However, for some absurd reason, there is a naysayer in the form of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW. Why is it absurd? Because to many people who, over the past 5 years, have had to resort to filling up buckets of water to throw over their cars, such a method actually uses more water than a trigger nozzle where the flow of water can be controlled. I would suggest that this move may actually decrease water usage in individual households, even if it may slightly increase overall usage because more people will return to the method after using car washes for several years.

It’s rare for me to praise the State Government, but this is one such time where praise is worth the effort.

The tourism ambassador we had to have??

I chuckled a little bit when I read that Paul Keating is considered a frontrunner to head a new “G’day UK” campaign to attract tourism from the “motherland”. Political pros and cons aside, there are many other high profile Australians that I think would have a more prominent reputation in England than the former PM who dared to touch the Queen 15 years ago.

The News Limited article mentions some of them, but add to that sporting stars plying their trade in the UK such as Harry Kewell, Lucas Neill, Brett Emerton or Mark Viduka, or “old school” expats such as Clive James, and I don’t think there’s any real need for Keating to have a prominent role. The similarly themed “G’day USA” events feature Aussies with a prominent link to US culture, so it would make sense for the UK variation to be similar.

More words of ignorance from Mugabe

News Limited reports of Zimbabwe’s PM and his vow to fight to hold onto his leadership regardless of what the people he governs want. Even more proof that this man doesn’t care an iota for the welfare of the country that he is helping to destroy.