62% of US dial-uppers say no to upgrading

I find this statistic from the Pew Internet & American Life Project very interesting. You’d think that with the Internet being so rich in content, with streaming video, audio and lots of pictorial information, those disadvantaged by slower browsing speeds would want to go faster. I find it utterly annoying when my connection speed is throttled down to dialup speeds if our download allowance is exceeded, and would never want to have to go back to the old ways of connecting to the Web.

How about you? If you still use dialup, will you ever go to broadband, if not, why not?

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Laser etch tattoos??

A rather strange way of adorning one’s skin – if you call that sort of thing adornment.

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Alan Jones has prostate cancer

I’m listening to his press conference now – in the midst of this rather startling and unexpected news, he’s showing his class and level headedness in not over-lamenting his situation, and looking at it in the perspective of others who struggle far more than he will in this battle.

I wish him well and hope that he recovers from this setback. News link to come…

Faith on Film Festival

An interesting event at a few Hoyts cinemas around the state (particularly at the Fox Studios Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park) showcasing films relating to Christianity. It’s probably been created as a response to World Youth Day, but the selection of films looks rather conducive to church groups getting along for some sort of event of their own.

Find out more here

Row, row, row your boat…

…gently across the strait of Oresund (a 5km wide body of water separating Norway and Sweden), and fall asleep halfway.

Read more about this amusing story of an “adventurous” 78 year old Swede here.

Happy New Financial Year!!

1 July is now upon us! If you’re like me and like to lodge your tax return early, I’m sure you know about e-tax. If not, find out more here and download it.