Row, row, row your boat…

…gently across the strait of Oresund (a 5km wide body of water separating Norway and Sweden), and fall asleep halfway.

Read more about this amusing story of an “adventurous” 78 year old Swede here.


eBay Item of the Day (…ish)

Note first of all that I don’t really endorse the use of eBay to sell one’s self. But the audacity of a workmate of mine named Josh is rather evident in this eBay auction, where he is seeking his first date. Apparently he’ll be appearing on Channel 7’s morning show with Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies tomorrow morning. Whether it stops the nation will be determined in approximately 14 hours time.

Paying $10 for goodness knows what takes online shopping to a whole new random level – if you’re a US resident, simply pay them $10 and they’ll send you a random item from their inventory. The items range from Starbucks gift sets to CDs to beard trimming sets, and they’re generaly reasonable items that the buyer (or relative thereof) could use. Hopefully some enterprising entrepreneur might take the idea and run with it here in Australia – I’d certainly send them a 10 and see what turns up at my house.

(h/t Download Squad)

Australia’s top streakers – do we really need to know?

On the home page of the Daily Telegraph website is a link that will take you to a photo gallery of “Australia’s best streakers” (link merely supplied to show that it is a factual gallery, not as a sign that I would endorse such a frivolous display of bare buttocks in the name of disrupting sporting events and the like).

Besides the fact that there’s nothing good about the art of streaking (or any unauthorised entrance onto a sporting field), is News Limited (the parent company of The Daily Telegraph) that bereft of ideas and ideals that it feels like slapping more than 60 photos of naked loonies on its site? I’d more often than not expect such trivialities from news reporting agencies such as Ananova who tend to report less serious news as often as they do serious.

This is a knife…

Mick Dundee never saw this creation from Swiss Army Knife makers Wenger coming. Not that it’s by any means a value for money implement, IMO.

(h/t Andersonjoe711 from the forum)

Boy trapped in Skilltester machine

All I can say is “How the???”

(h/t Engadget)