The Sola Panel

A new blog from Matthias Media. As the header says, “The Sola Panel is a group of Reformed-Evangelical friends who love the five ‘solas’ of the Reformation, and want to promote a Bible-driven passion for theology, holiness and gospel ministry.” Should be a good blog to keep tabs on.

(h/t to Gordo, who just so happens to be one of its contributors)


Should girl mags lavish their readers with sex content?

The publishers of Dolly and Girlfriend magazines are claiming that their pubescent readership wants responsible sexual material that will help their development, and that the content that they offer fulfils those requirements. Hence they are rejecting calls for them to print an age audience recommendation on their magazines. The report from News LImited suggests that children as young as 11 are asking explicit questions relating to sexual activity.

This is a load of rubbish in my opinion, and clearly defiles the intention of sex as an act between married adults. Firstly, if teenagers are so keen to be assisted in their sexual development, their schools offer adequate “tuition” on puberty and the development of a person as they journey through adolescence, and so should their parents. I can’t imagine that a question by an 11 year old (whose mind should be as far from oran and anal sex as the sun is from Pluto) is at all edifying to them, and is indicative of the fact that promiscuity and fornication between teenagers is something for us to be very worried about.

I would say that if these magazine publishers are not going to classify their material (and it is a logically sensible idea considering the provision of classification levels in television, film and other media), they very diligently monitor the sort of stuff that they print. They shouldn’t be helping fuel feelings of lust and depravity in young people who have more pressing issues that they should be dealing with than issues relating to sexual activity. They can provide sensible, yet sensitive, information without becoming full of sleaze or prosaic soft pornography. Better yet, the parents should take the role that the media are claiming that they can offer, since one of their greatest concerns that their children grow up knowing the responsibilities and dangers of things related to sex.

This is a knife…

Mick Dundee never saw this creation from Swiss Army Knife makers Wenger coming. Not that it’s by any means a value for money implement, IMO.

(h/t Andersonjoe711 from the forum)

100 Greatest Guitar Solos of all time

Read them here (as voted on by Guitar World readers). Compare this to another list of top guitar solos (which I think is far more accurate – which is of course slightly subjective, but how Hotel California’s solo can be left off the Guitar World list is beyond me. That, and Kurt Cobain is nowhere to be seen).

Personally I think that the test of a good soloist is if they can pull a solo off live and not just in the studio, where their mistakes can be easily masked by re-recording. Also, there are plenty of solos from other instrumentalists (sax players, bas splayers, banjoists, etc.) that I would say are more impressive than these guitar solos that seem to be lauded upon.

(h/t Craig)

Harbhajan Singh and trouble hand in hand once more

Claims that Harbhajan (playing with Mumbai in the Inian Premier League) lashed out and slapped international team mate S Sreesanth (playing for Kings XI Punjab) at the end of the teams’ clash yesterday will be investigated tomorrow according to Cricinfo. It seems that Sreesanth merely said something along the lines of “hard luck” to Harbhajan as players shook hands, and the fiery spinner responded with a slap.

If the video evidence, as suggested, shows that the “assault” took place, I can’t see Harbie getting off lightly. Following his antics in Australia and warnings from the BCCI to calm down and rectify his conduct, I’d say that there’s the scope to ban him, not just from the remainder of the tournament, but for a few international matches. It sets a very low standard for cricketing conduct, where congratulations and commiserations should be cordially offered by both sides at the conclusion of a match. It shouldn’t matter that both players have sorted out the issue as claimed – it’s not a beneficial image for world cricket and is quite similar to the altercation between Javed Miandad and Dennis Lillee which saw Lillee fined and suspended for 2 one day internationals.

Zimbabwe opposition win confirmed

A recount has confirmed that Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party has lost the parliamentary election, and that the results of the presidential election should be finalised tomorrow. Let’s hope that Mugabe recognises that the people that he has ruled over have voted him out, and that he doesn’t use corecive force to somehow invalidate a democratic majority against him. Whatever happens though, there seems to be very little doubt that unrest in the nation will not immediately stop.

Source: CNN

City and Country Origin teams

City Origin:

Brett Hodgson, Jarryd Hayne, Ben Pomeroy, Brett Delaney, Luke Rooney, Braith Anasta, Mitchell Pearce, Jason King, Corey Hughes, Mark O’Meley, Luke Lewis, Mark Minichiello, John Sutton.

Interchange: Bryce Gibbs, Ray Cashmere, Feleti Mateo, Peter Wallace.

Country Origin:

Brett Stewart, Joel Monaghan, Jamie Lyon, Matt Cooper, Anthony Quinn, Todd Carney, Brett Finch, Brett White, Danny Buderus (capt), Anthony Laffranchi, Nathan Hindmarsh, Andrew Ryan, Craig Fitzgibbon.

Interchange: Ben Cross, Chris Heighington, Brett Kearney, Glenn Stewart.

Interesting team choices in some areas – I applaud the Roosters’ halves being picked together, although I’d imagine that Tim Sheens will swap Pearce and Wallace around during the game to give them both a chance to impress NSW selectors. I’m slightly surprised at the inclusion of the Lukes Rooney and Lewis – Rooney’s been solid but not as spectacular as he was a few years ago and whilst Lewis has played well in the second row for the past 2 games with Penrith, I think he still does his best as a centre.

Plenty of experience though to fight for the few spots that are left in the potential NSW State of Origin team – if WIN Stadium isn’t packed on Friday, then I will be very, very surprised.