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I’ll speak whatever’s on my mind – regardless of whether you agree or disagree with my views, feel free to leave a comment. You’ll read about news, sport, entertainment…every topic that I might have some sort of interest in…


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  1. Thank you for the link to my true crime page. Yes, it is a tragic story. One reason I wanted to write this book is because I identified with Jerry (the victim) because I also took someone into my home and they also robbed me, looted my bank account, etc. and I almost died from what they did…and like the woman who planned the murder of Jerry Heimann, the person who planned the plot against me is also serving life in prison. I lived, Jerry didn’t. If your friend who is Jerry’s grandson has any memories of his grandfather that he would share with me, I would be most appreciative. I so want to portray him lovingly.

    Thank You

    Burl Barer

  2. I’m a south african and i’d like to know what your views are on my country even though its a beautifull country alot of us dont know if we should stay or go… its one thing loving the place you from but another watching it go to ruin. I’m not a very qualified person as such but been working in an aquarium shop for eight years. I enjoy my job but feel insecure cause of whats happening. Are there opertunity’s for people like me out there …. or would you say stick to your country and ride out this wave.

  3. Have a nice day !

  4. have a kidney to sell.750000 american dollars,plus expenses

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