Iemma stands Noreen Hay down pending investigation

The Daily Telegraph confirms this. I reckon a few of her fellow Labor parliamentarians should be thanking Morris for his apparent inconsistency.


Mark Driscoll

I’ve subscribed to the Mars Hill podcasts featuring Mark Driscoll, and have been downloading his series called “Religion Saves + Nine Other Misconceptions”, which tackles 9 issues and question areas that were ascertained from polls and blog comments as being hot topics about Jesus and Christianity. These are the questions that the series addresses (with the dates when Driscoll would respond to them)

  • 01/06: #9 “There’s no doubt the Bible says children are a blessing, but the Bible doesn’t seem to address the specific topic of birth control. Is this a black and white topic, or does it fall under liberties?”
  • 01/13: #8 “Why do you make jokes about mormon missionaries, homosexuals, trenchcoats wearers, single men, vegans, emo kids and then expect these groups to come to know God in the same sermon?”
  • 01/20: #7 “Why does an all loving, all knowing, and all sovereign God will into creation people He foreknows will suffer eternal condemnation? Why does Romans 9:20 feel like a cop-out answer?”
  • 01/27: #6 “Of all the things you teach, what parts of Christianity do you still wrestle with? What’s hardest for you to believe?”
  • 02/03: #5 “How should Christian men and women go about breaking free from the bondage of sexual sin?”
  • 02/10: #4 “If salvation is by faith alone (Romans 3:28), then why are there so many verses that say or imply the opposite, namely that salvation is by works (James 2:24, Matthew 6:15 & 7:21, Galatians 5:19-21)”
  • 02/17: #3 “How does a Christian date righteously; and what are the physical, emotional, and mentally connecting boundaries a Christian must set while developing an intimate relationship prior to marriage?”
  • 02/24: #2 “What can traditional/established churches learn from “emerging” churches?”
  • 03/02: #1 “Do you believe that the Scripture not only regulates our theology but also our methodology? In other words, do you believe in the regulative principle? If so, to what degree? If not, why not?”

Having learned at Mens Convention that Driscoll would be speaking at a gathering at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in August, I wanted to hear more of his sermons in preparation of perhaps going to hear him preach.

His sermon on dating was what I listened to today whilst at work (I was working, of course). I found it very practical and engaging, with Driscoll offering sound Biblical advice that could be easily applied to any single Christian. Being in this category, I personally was challenged to consider my approach to the concept and conduct that I should have in mind. I higly recommend it for Driscoll’s unwavering devotion to the Scriptures, and will be listening to the rest of the series with keen interest.

(h/t Craig)

More corruption trouble…

News is filtering through that a Labor MP from Wollongong has directly been implicated in the ICAC corruption scandal. On his 2GB radio show, Ray Hadley has made mention of Noreen Hay being recorded speaking to one of the main parties being investigated, and ensuring fast tracking of a development.

I’ll add a link as one comes to hand. All in all though, this only gets worse for Morris Iemma and he can’t brush these controversies off for much longer. He must act now, and make examples of thos of his cohorts whose behaviour is looking very dodgy indeed.

Out of the Question

Glenn Robbins’ talent is being wasted in this rather uninspiring TV quiz show on Channel 7. I watched it for the first time tonight, after previously hearing about it not being as good as it could be. He seems rather awkward hosting his own show, where on programs such as The Panel, he was able to feed off co-hosts and making people laugh through “reactive” comedy. It doesn’t help matters when the guests (3 comedy-related celebrities) seem forced to provide laughs, and the show ends up feeling more like a run of the mill quiz show with the odd one liner.

Ray Hadley said on his 2GB morning show last week that he didn’t expect this show to last long. I tend to agree with him.

When will P-platers ever learn??

2 18 year old drivers have had their cars confiscated after an alleged street race through Canley Heights, reports the Sydney Morning Herald

The psyche of some young drivers is just astounding. Such instances of car confiscation are reported more regularly than most would care to read, especially those who have been adversely affected through fatal motor accidents caused by street racing.

I don’t know what’s left that can be done, but something needs to be done that will effectively counteract the revhead culture, be it media advertisements, greater awareness through high school programs and the like, or any worthwhile pursuit that our motoring organisations can think of.

Little obnoxious weeds

Matthew Hayden will face a charge of making a “detrimental public comment” after his outburst against Harbhajan Singh during an interview on Brisbane’s Triple M yesterday. Fox Sports reports that hearing is currently taking place at Cricket Australia’s headquarters.

The amount of name calling, spite and immature behaviour on both sides since the Indian tour commenced has been rather embarrassing for all concerned. Sledging has indeed become a “necessary evil” of the game, in whilst at times it can be light hearted banter between opposing players, it is all too easy for one comment to exceed the bounds of decency and cause uproar. This particular comment in my opinion was one such excessive comment.

Haydos is a player I admire for his general portrayal of what being an Aussie male is, but these sort of cheap shots contradict the persona that we’re more used to seeing him display. Harbhajan may well be annoying, but one can express that feeling in a manner that is sure to not stir what is already a pot heating up faster than it needs to. Players from both sides need to realise that the summer has been already marred by the whole “monkey” incident and the fallout from that, and that all the public are interested in is seeing this summer of cricket end on a positive note, regardless of whoever wins.

As an aside though, Haydos should know that weeds are noxious.

French woman pleads “Let me die”

A tragic story appears on the News Limited website, where 52 year old Chantal Sebire has appealed to the French government to let her end her own life. Horrible disfigurement and pain characterises her struggle with esthesioneuroblastoma (ENB), an uncommon malignant neoplasm of the nasal vault. In layman’s terms, it’s a cancer that has robbed her of all of her senses.

The euthanasia debate is most certainly a sensitive matter, where cases such as this are brought forward as an argument for the legalisation of the practice in those countries where it is outlawed. Being a person who by virtue of my Christian faith upholds the value and preciousness of life, it’s very difficult to reconcile that with seeing what is most evidently a cruel disease cause this woman prolonged suffering. It may be well and good to say that she should be given the choice to end her life and the prolonged suffering, but would God permit such a response?

I’d particularly like to hear what fellow believers think about the issue and why. It may help me respond in a compassionate, yet faithful manner with regards to the topic in general.