Earth Hour’s fireworks display

Chris Smith talked briefly on his 2GB afternoon show today about Earth Hour, and made a reference to post-Earth Hour fireworks that made me chuckle. Read what is essentially a transcript of his musings here

To reverse and slightly alter the popular saying (making it grammatically awkward in the process), where there’s fireworks, there’s smoke. This smoky haze across the harbour, as Smithy says, goes with the smoke from the candles, the barbeques, and other sources of carbon that took over where the lights went out.

Such actions amusingly highlight the futility of these symbolic events. Makes me all the more keen to adopt Gordo’s idea of Illumination Hour for myself…


The Rexona Million Ball Challenge

Some 6 or so weeks ago, Steve alerted us to this interesting promotion by Rexona, producers of deodorants and other toiletries. I decided to put in my “order” for a free ball, and behold, today it arrived in the mail.

It’s a simple tennis ball with a Rexona logo on one side and the Million Ball Challenge logo on the other –  probably worth less than the postage fee, I reckon, and not the sort of quality ball that would be hit to and fro at Wimbledon. But it’s a freebie nevertheless.

Zimbabwe general election

News Limited reports that the opposition party to Zimbabwe’s oft criticised president Robert Mugabe is confident of a victory based on early counting. Given the very poor state of Zimbabwe’s economy and other attributes that have led to sanctions, a change would be most beneficial for the people of the country. That is, if (as has been accused in past elections) the process isn’t rigged.

Earth Hour

The Wren household sort of observed it – eating by candlelight when the circumstances were about as romantic as a pub brawl (that is, it wasn’t a date), and a few of us complaining that my sister’s sudden departure to greeniness was causing us to not be able to see our dinner properly. Other than that I didn’t care too much for it – one single hour out of the (168 x 52) hours to conserve what apparently equates to taking 6 cars off the road (h/t to Gordo for that observance) is by no means enough to prove whatever point there is to prove.

Virender Sehwag spanking the Proteas

I was catching up with the live scorecard from the 1st test between India and South Africa at Chennai, and was struck by Virender Sehwag’s batting stats so far:

  V Sehwag not out 273   251 40 3 108.76

That’s 273 runs from 251 balls, with 4o 4’s, 3 6’s, and a strike rate over 1oo. When you see that India’s total runs so far are 401, he’s dominating in every conceivable manner. Considering that they’re chasing South Africa’s first innings total of 540, and that the ever steady and slowish Rahul Dravid’s up the other end, Sehwag may be pushing towards Brian Lara’s record of 400 some time tomorrow.


A post by Craig on his recent purchase of an electric guitar has prompted me to start a guitar discussion, since I love playing the instrument, both electric and acoustic styles (I’m more proficient at acoustic than electric, although I’m working hard on my electric skills). I have 4 guitars (2 Cort acoustic/electrics – 1 in standard tuning and 1 in raised B tuning – and 2 electrics – a Squier Telecaster Custom and Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus) and use all of them semi-regularly, both in church and live gig settings. They’re not expensive guitars, but still good quality (which is an important aspect of music ministry in my opinion – your instruments need to be good quality and produce a sound worthy being sung to). Music is a great passion of mine and a gift that I know that God enables me to use for his glory, and I’ve been able to teach others music and see them join our church’s music ministry.

If you’re an axeman, what do you use?

Life in 2008…as predicted in 1968

Modern Mechanix digs up an article from 40 years ago that envisions what life will be like for those living in the next generation. Some, such as computer based money transactions, have come to fruition and become a staple of the typical Western human, but things such as the intelligence pill will remain, perhaps forever, fanciful innovations. Very interesting reading.