The Psychology of Sunday

This page will be the “epicentre” of my thoughts, and those prompted by the comments of others, regarding the many issues and factors relating to the meeting of God’s people on Sundays. As I go on, I’ll be adding links to all the posts I’ve made regarding the topic in chronological order below, since I don’t think I’ll be able to move my posts into this page:

A Preface

A “Questionnaire”


If you have any questions that you may like me to offer an opinion on, please let me know through the comments as I write. Your opinions are highly valued, and I am happy to engage in thoughtful and constructive dialogue with whoever chooses to leave a comment. Please remember though that I like to keep these discussions as free from conflict as possible, so please be very careful and prayerful regarding what you write. I am doing the same, so it would be great to keep all sides of teh discussion as focussed as possible.


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