$$$onny Bill William$$$

The continuing story of Bungalow Bill Sonny Bill Williams is surely tiring Bulldogs fans and destabilising the club to the nth degree (as evidenced by the poor recent form of the team on the field). As is usually the case with these tense conflicts between player and club, Sonny Bill believes that at $525000 per year, he is being undervalued. An interesting observation made by Bec and Buzz in the Sunday Telegraph is that during an interview with New Zealand’s NZTV, he sported a jacket with a shiny dollar sign emblazoned on his chest – pretty much where his heart would be.

I don’t like the Dogs all that much – almost solely because of where I live, but in the midst of modest club heroes such as Steve Mortimer, Daryl Halligan and Hazem el Masri, they’ve had a history of players whose minds haven’t been with showing loyalty and passion for the jumper that they wear. When Willie Mason left the club last year, Sonny Bill came out and criticised his former teammate for his lack of loyalty. Now the boot’s on the other foot and I can hardly imagine that his teammates would not be wondering what’s at the heart of his grumbles – genuine discomfort or selfish greed.

I don’t care what happens with this whole saga. But it is very disappointing to say the least that people like Sonny Bill Williams are so wrapped up in money in a time where most working class people are struggling to afford the costs of life. Seems like he doesn’t deserve a hundredth of what the Dogs are giving him, let alone the whole lot.

Whatever the outcome is, he needs to pull his head in and stop showing the rampant and unrepentant greed that is all too often associated with high paid sports stars. It’s nothing that children should be aspiring to.

Read this News Limited story for more information on his interview with TVNZ.