Alan Jones has prostate cancer

I’m listening to his press conference now – in the midst of this rather startling and unexpected news, he’s showing his class and level headedness in not over-lamenting his situation, and looking at it in the perspective of others who struggle far more than he will in this battle.

I wish him well and hope that he recovers from this setback. News link to come…


Good news for Sam Newman

After having surgery to remove his cancerous prostate, News Limited reports that the cancer has not spread.

Not that I really follow the AFL, nor care much for Newman’s numerous moments of infamy on the AFL Footy Show, but instances such as this are a timely reminder and raise awareness of the potentially deadly nature of cancers such as these. After reading this story from Eddie McGuire, it seems that the brush with death may have made Sam think a bit about the frailty of life.

I remember hearing him on the news earlier on in the week saying something resembling a suggestion it was up to the big man (a reference to God) as to whatever happened next. Well, since it seems that things have turned out in his favour, he’d do well to look at the reality of who this big man really is and his ultimate saving plan.