Nelson: Use petrol tax to boost the pension

Opposition Leader Dr Brendan Nelson suggested tonight on an interview with Today Tonight’s Anna Coren that $1 billion of unbudgeted earnings from petrol tax should be diverted to pensioners, who struggle on only $273 per week in the midsts of the increased costs of living.

Seems like a worthwhile idea to consider, especially after the outcry that was heard following the Federal Budget a few weeks ago regarding the lack of funds for pensioners. I don’t know much about the typical budget of a pensioner, be they aged or disabled, but I can’t imagine they’d have the same spending liberties that those of us in employment would be privy to. I do recall seeing a story on one of the current affairs shows where a couple of celebrities were given $273 to live on for a week and they couldn’t make it past 2 or 3 days. It seems to indicate to me just how much the older folk in our country need to tighten the purse strings to make ends meet – no wonder some put a bit of it in poker machines at registered clubs to see whether they can make a bit of money there.

(Source: News Limited)