Sell your kidney for $50000?

Kidney specialist Gavin Carney has floated the idea of offering $50000 to young healthy people to sell one of their kidneys. His rationale behind this is that such a move would save thousands of lives and billions of dollars in dialysis treatment, since people with kidney disorders would not have to wait for up to a decade for a donor kidney.

I agree with Dr Tim Matthews of Kidney Australia, who is advocating a greater awareness of the benefits of organ donation upon death. It is a sad fact that many young people tragically die in accidents (such as the boating accident in Sydney Harbour last week), and I would reckon that hardly any of them were aware that they can be registered as an organ donor via the RTA when they get their drivers license, or via Medicare.

I am registered as an organ donor, simply because I know that when I die, my healthy bits and pieces aren’t going to be of any use to me as I am buried/cremated. If those can help save lives, then I think that it’s worth volunteering myself and my kidneys, liver, etc. for that purpose.

Source: News Limited