Back…with a music recommendation and kidney chat

Dunno what really prompted me to dust off the blog after 5 months of snoredom (and a heap of people responding to my Kidney for $50000 post with, of course, offers to sell their own kidneys), but I thought I’d do so and see what happens.


In the interests of promoting fine unsigned musical talent, check out this link to a band called The Project, headed up by Andrew Furth, who regularly posts at one of my regular forum hangouts, the Dave Matthews Band fan forum – Andrew’s been working on a live EP and has tracks to download:

Now, to kidneys.

My Dad’s recuperating in hospital after an operation to remove what’s most likely the very beginnnings of a cancerous growth on one of his kidneys, so it’s sort of a current affairs issue in the family. But looking over the 5 months of yet to be approved comments (as of this afternoon), I was rather stunned to see 20 comments by people who were offering one of theirs. My approval of these is by no way an endorsement of their “for sale” ads, but a simple way of showing just how willing people are to put a price on one of their organs.

It’s just…well, interesting.



A post by Craig on his recent purchase of an electric guitar has prompted me to start a guitar discussion, since I love playing the instrument, both electric and acoustic styles (I’m more proficient at acoustic than electric, although I’m working hard on my electric skills). I have 4 guitars (2 Cort acoustic/electrics – 1 in standard tuning and 1 in raised B tuning – and 2 electrics – a Squier Telecaster Custom and Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus) and use all of them semi-regularly, both in church and live gig settings. They’re not expensive guitars, but still good quality (which is an important aspect of music ministry in my opinion – your instruments need to be good quality and produce a sound worthy being sung to). Music is a great passion of mine and a gift that I know that God enables me to use for his glory, and I’ve been able to teach others music and see them join our church’s music ministry.

If you’re an axeman, what do you use?

25 random Winamp tracks

Dave’s invited people to post their top 25 iTunes songs. Since I don’t use iTunes for my playback of music, I thought I’d load my music via Winamp (my player of choice), and catalogue the first 25 songs that come up with Playlist Shuffling toggled on. I’ve not included spoken word podcasts such as sermons, although Mark Driscoll will probably pop up once or twice as the player does its work.

  1. Forever (Third Day)
  2. Thy Word (Veggie Tales)
  3. Falling Off the Roof (Dave Matthews Band)
  4. Gravedigger (Dave Matthews)
  5. Come On Eileen (Dexy’s Midnight Runners)
  6. Chap Stick, Chapped Lips and Things Like Chemistry (Relient K)
  7. Don’t Look Back in Anger (Oasis)
  8. Jimi Thing (Dave Matthews Band)
  9. Glory (Audio Adrenaline)
  10. Love Song (Anberlin)
  11. Cats In the Kettle (Weird Al Yankovic)
  12. Walking in the Light (Hillsong)
  13. I Remember You (City on a Hill)
  14. Video webcast of Dave Matthews performing in a Virgin Records store in London on 13 November 2001
  15. Time and Time Again (Counting Crows)
  16. Burn For You (TobyMac)
  17. Above All (Michael W Smith)
  18. Don’t Burn the Pig (Dave Matthews Band)
  19. Love This Life (Crowded House)
  20. Nothing Compares (Third Day)
  21. Your Mother Should Know (The Beatles)
  22. Hunger For the Great Light (Dave Matthews Band)
  23. O Holy Night (Leigh Nash and Michael Tait)
  24. Carry Me Home (Third Day)
  25. With Arms Wide Open (Creed)

Kids Rock

Brilliant little parody of some rock hits providing the tunes to nursery rhymes, for example Old Macdonald to the tune of Pearl Jam’s Even Flow:

(h/t Videogeist)