Chopper Read: I don’t deserve a liver transplant

Notorious ex-con Mark “Chopper” Read has 2 to 5 years to live due to suffering from Hepatitis C. His response seems a bit strange though – he says that he can’t see why he should receive a liver in front of an 11 year old girl with liver cancer, obviously recognising that what he has done in the past may see other look upon him as undeserving of a chance to prolong his life. Yet, at the end of the article, he says that if he had the chance to live his life over again, he wouldn’t think about not doing what he did.

Add to that his teaching to his boys not to do what he did as they grow up, and it is a sad, confused story of a man who recognises how frail life on this earth is, but probably has scant regard or thought of what follows this life. Maybe he’s not yet as ready for death as he might claim. I wish him well, and in the time that he has left, find out about something far more precious and vital that he is undeserving of.

Source: News Limited