Million Dollar Wheel falls off

I heard that the newest incarnation of Wheel of Fortune here in Aussie land was axed by Channel 9, adding to its programming woes this year. Not surprising – I watched bits and pieces of it and it is nothing compared to the classic days of John and Adriana on Channel Seven.

Games shows like that seem to be often identified hand in hand with the hosts that made them popular, such as Tony Barber/Glenn Ridge and Sale of the Century, and John Burgess and the original Wheel. I’m not sure that Burgo could make the show a winner again, but him and the long gone moustache are what I most readily identify with the show – that and the old fashioned bankrupt sound (which I believe has been updated). Tim Campbell is no John Burgess.

Source: News Limited


Character v intellect

The vice chancellor of Australian Catholic University says that it should be important to remember that these 2 characteristics are not divorced from one another, and thus the university will be relying on a “mentality of service” as opposed to the more traditional entrance criterium of finishing grades in Year 12.

Based on the criteria, which include having completed 3 semesters of Year 11 and 12, plus a demonstrable commitment to service in the community, it seems like a very fair idea, showing that potential university students are keen to work hard outside of their studies and be diligent in those pursuits. It breaks down the barrier of total intellectual superiority when it comes to accepting students, while still indicating that schooling is still very important for prospective students.

Source: News Limited

Charities being hit hard by rising costs of living

It’s not surprising to see that the level of donations to charities are dropping off at a time when there’s traditionally a spike in money donations coinciding with the end of the financial year. To see an example of how the Smith Family may fall short of its $4.5 million donation budget by up to $500000 should be a reminder that even the smallest of donations by many people can go a long way.

Source: News Limited

Great forgotten rock songs of the 90s

I’m listening to Closing Time by Semisonic – a great song that got plenty of airplay when it was released back in 1999, but you probably wouldn’t have heard it much ever since. I think I have the CD single of it somewhere here at home, such did I enjoy the simplicity of the song. Plus I like the line “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”.


What good rock songs can you think of from the 90s that are so easily forgotten about in this current junk-riddled world of R&B, hip hop and other sugary pop music?

Is live coverage damaging rugby league?

Penrith are playing Brisbane tonight at CUA Stadium (about 10 minutes away from where I live), and I’m staying inside my cosy warm house to watch it live on Channel 9. This is as opposed to paying around $20 and whatever else I’d require for food and drink, and rugging up in pretty cold temperatures.

As I type this I’ve been listening to 2GB’s preview of the game, and apparently the crowd at the ground is rather small with a few minutes left until kickoff. The Continuous Call Team is discussing why, and one such reason is the structure of Friday night games, with a live game shown on Nine at around 7:30pm and another one on delay at 9:30pm. One game used to be played on Fridays up until last year, and was shown on a 1 hour delay at 8:30pm.

Would such reversion to one game on Friday nights, with possibly an extra game played during the day, help bring crowds out of their houses and local watering holes to the grounds? I used to like Saturday afternoon footy back in the days of the State Bank Big Game on Channel 10 in the late 80s/early 90s. Kickoff at 3pm, enough daylight to make it not too cold for spectators, and it could even be restricted to radio broadcasting if desired.

Some may argue that Saturday is the domain of kids’ sport, but I don’t think that it would be detrimental to kids and their own recreational pursuits if planned appropriately. All I know is that if clubs are lamenting small crowds at their games, they should lobby the NRL to consider shifting more games to Saturday afternoons just like the AFL does. Playing up to 5 out of the 8 games each week when the sun’s down just seems a bit old hat, and daytime footy would in my opinion be a bit more conducive to better quality of play, since you wouldn’t have to worry about dew making the ball and the grass slippery.

Go the Panthers!!

The world’s 10 worst diseases

Courtesy of Livenews’ Tim Brunero, who cites such maladies as human maggot infestation, chronic hiccups and the ebola virus worthy of inclusion. And you thought it was annoying to be off for a week or 2 with the flu…

Pamela Anderson to enter the Big Brother house

I still don’t know (nor do I care) whether Steve Carell made it in, but the busty Baywatch blonde (whose best TV work in my opinion was in Home Improvement as Tool Time’s first female assistant) will visit the modern day house of horroes in around 2 week’s time.

Source: News Limited