Laser etch tattoos??

A rather strange way of adorning one’s skin – if you call that sort of thing adornment.

(h/t Engadget)


Charities being hit hard by rising costs of living

It’s not surprising to see that the level of donations to charities are dropping off at a time when there’s traditionally a spike in money donations coinciding with the end of the financial year. To see an example of how the Smith Family may fall short of its $4.5 million donation budget by up to $500000 should be a reminder that even the smallest of donations by many people can go a long way.

Source: News Limited

TV shows section in the Aussie iTunes store

Not too many shows to choose from, but I read about it somewhere today and am having a look at what’s available now. A few shows from Channel 9, the ABC (US and Australia), MTV and Disney Channel – there are other shows such as Good News Week available as podcasts, but hopefully this is going to lead to a lot more TV content being available for purchase in the future.

More info via the iTunes website.

To the back bench, Della!

Looks like John Della Bosca shouldn’t have had a hand in writing the infamous apology – he’s been relegated to the back bench pending the results of the police investigation into the scandal that has captured the media’s attention. Della Bosca’s termed the whole issue a media beat up and is apparently going to sue The Sunday Telegraph for their role in this alleged defaming.

Nothing about the other allegations though – seems that Iemma can’t quite accept that his buddy may have actually acted improperly in Gosford last week, and I don’t know that even a police investigation that may prove the protagonist to be a “Della Big Mouth” would change the preconceptions. Sometimes though you have to put those feelings aside and actually admit that your friends may act one way around you and in another manner when you don’t see them. Morris should think about doing that for a while when it comes to his mate John.

Source: Livenews

The Iguanagate plot thickens

Allegations of coercion and verbal threats by NSW Labor Party members towards the management of the Iguana Bar are being confirmed on 2GB right now as I type this. This whole issue is only going to get worse for John Della Bosca and his beleaguered Premier.

More info as it comes to hand.

Gallery of Dubious Photojournalism

I love random photos with inoffensive out of context captions – this part of a site called The Sacred Sandwich has tens of them relating to different aspects of Christianity. One such photo and its caption is shown below:

Looking out his aircraft window, Word-Faith preacher Kenneth Copeland suddenly realized that persuading his supporters to buy him a $20 million private plane wasn’t such a great idea after all.

See more of the photos from the index.

(h/t Anglican Church League)

Morris Lemma

Autoblog, one of my daily reads, has made me chuckle with this spelling oversight in this story about the Australian government looking to give Ford and Holden incentive to produce a hybrid locally built car based on the Falcon or Commodore. If his surname did indeed start with an L, I could call him Morris Lemon instead of Iemma the Dilemna…