62% of US dial-uppers say no to upgrading

I find this statistic from the Pew Internet & American Life Project very interesting. You’d think that with the Internet being so rich in content, with streaming video, audio and lots of pictorial information, those disadvantaged by slower browsing speeds would want to go faster. I find it utterly annoying when my connection speed is throttled down to dialup speeds if our download allowance is exceeded, and would never want to have to go back to the old ways of connecting to the Web.

How about you? If you still use dialup, will you ever go to broadband, if not, why not?

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My Internet Diploma

I am a certified professional surfer of the Internet thanks to this ultimately meaningless diploma. Get yours today from here!

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Be a star in a reasonably priced car

One of the popular segments of the program Top Gear is when celebrities drive around the Top Gear test track in what Top Gear deems to be a reasonably priced car, a Chevrolet Lacetti (sold here as a Daewoo Lacetti before the Daewoo name vanished a couple of years ago).

Now you can drive the track thanks to this Flash based game – not necessarily the most realistic driving simulation, but a great, and potentially very addictive, time waster

eBay PayPal plan on hold?

Auction site eBay (which I am a member of and have regularly bought and sold items on) has recently come under fire for its proposal to force users into conducting money transactions via its PayPal site, a move which is scheduled to come into force on 17 June. Those who have objected (including myself, although I have never mentioned it in this blog) claim that eBay are double dipping in their application of fees for both auction listings and receipt of payments via PayPal.

After considering submissions from eBay users, it appears that the ACCC have asked eBay to hold off on this policy change until the results of their own review. It remains to be seen what happens, but I hope that eBay heed the request and not attract the ire of already disillusioned members by ignoring it.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

A thumbs up for the Book Depository

Craig shares of his experience with ordering from the online store that, thanks to him, I mentioned last week. I’m going to have to place an order of my own over the weekend, methinks.

Bravehearts petition against Bill Henson

The organisation Bravehearts (which seeks to highlight issues relating to child abuse, sexual assault and similar issues related to child welfare) have created a petition, whereby those who sign it indicate their support of Kevin Rudd’s speaking against Bill Henson’s exploitative photographic work, which has been widely discussed in the media for the past 2 weeks.

If you are interested in signing this petition, please fill out the details at this page. Although the organisation is a secular one, the petition has been supported by Phil Gerber, the Head of the Professional Standard Unit of the Sydney Anglican Diocese. If you support the stance by the PM and other prominent Australians against these photographic works, I encourage you to sign it.

Note: This is merely intended to inform people about the petition – I will not be discussing the ethics or morality of the issue, except to say that in my signing of it, my position is quite clear. If you feel the need to comment, please do so in a cordial manner and one which is not conducive to debate on this matter.

eBay Item of the Day (…ish)

Note first of all that I don’t really endorse the use of eBay to sell one’s self. But the audacity of a workmate of mine named Josh is rather evident in this eBay auction, where he is seeking his first date. Apparently he’ll be appearing on Channel 7’s morning show with Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies tomorrow morning. Whether it stops the nation will be determined in approximately 14 hours time.