Why euthanasia should not be legalised

An excellently balanced piece by Sandra Lee on the News Limited website – she rightly states that there is too much uncertainty that needs to be dealt with and in the end, advocates of euthanasia are taking matters in their own hands that they really have no right to decide upon, regardless of the state of the ill person. In light of the recent case in the NSW Supreme Court regarding the assisted suicide of Graeme Wylie, it is well worth reading.


Witnessing to Westboro

For the unaware, Westboro Baptist Church in the US are infamous for their protests at funerals, and at other public gatherings where they hold aloft signs such as “God Hates Fags”. I consider their methods to be rather disconcerting and manipulative of the truth of God’s message of salvation through repentance (although they would adamantly say that they are doing the right thing in their exposure of sinful behaviour, forgetting that God shows no favouritism between different types of sins).

Here is an account of a pastor attending the Southern Baptist Convention who took the step of “witnessing” to a man who was part of a Westboro demonstration. An interesting part of the discussion is that the person whom the pastor was speaking with responds. He links to a Westboro Baptist blog, where (not surprisingly, in my opinion) comments are not allowed. It seems like the authors may be to confident in themselves to allow for rebuke (and some would agree with me that there is a lot of rebuke that could be made).

(h/t Craig)

Is Kevin Rudd sexist?

Julia Irwin, the federal Labor MP for the Sydney seat of Fowler, has apparently questioned Kevin Rudd as to whether the gender of “possibly soon to be already more disgraced than she already is” fellow MP Belinda Neal was a factor in his advice for Neal to seek professional counselling to deal with her displays of unacceptable behaviour.

I think the claims are lunacy. I’m sure that if Rudd were to catch wind of one of his male counterparts engaging in unacceptable behaviour, he would act in the same manner. It’s just that when you look at Neal’s rapsheet, climaxing with her alleged abuse at the Iguana Bar, it’s something that reads like a school bully’s record of behaviour leading to detentions. Besides, Julia Gillard wasn’t handing out compliments regarding the alleged behaviour a couple of days ago.

Most people on the street would probably agree that what Rudd’s done is pretty fair – advising one of his workers to seek help to make herself most effective as a representative of her constituents. Any good manager in my opinion would do the same, as opposed to throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Source: News Limited

Bravehearts petition against Bill Henson

The organisation Bravehearts (which seeks to highlight issues relating to child abuse, sexual assault and similar issues related to child welfare) have created a petition, whereby those who sign it indicate their support of Kevin Rudd’s speaking against Bill Henson’s exploitative photographic work, which has been widely discussed in the media for the past 2 weeks.

If you are interested in signing this petition, please fill out the details at this page. Although the organisation is a secular one, the petition has been supported by Phil Gerber, the Head of the Professional Standard Unit of the Sydney Anglican Diocese. If you support the stance by the PM and other prominent Australians against these photographic works, I encourage you to sign it.

Note: This is merely intended to inform people about the petition – I will not be discussing the ethics or morality of the issue, except to say that in my signing of it, my position is quite clear. If you feel the need to comment, please do so in a cordial manner and one which is not conducive to debate on this matter.