Alan Jones has prostate cancer

I’m listening to his press conference now – in the midst of this rather startling and unexpected news, he’s showing his class and level headedness in not over-lamenting his situation, and looking at it in the perspective of others who struggle far more than he will in this battle.

I wish him well and hope that he recovers from this setback. News link to come…


The Sale Blog

Regular listeners to Chris Smith’s afternoon show on 2GB will know of the Bargain Shoppers’ Guide on Thursday afternoons with Jebby Phillips. She mentions at the end of her segment that there is a blog that sums up the bargains from the broadcast, plus more that there isn’t enough time to talk about. Check out the blog here, and thanks to the show this afternoon, I know where I’m going on Saturday morning (that is, if the products being sold aren’t already gone by the time I get there around 11am).

ONE DAY CHOCOLATE SALE: Does the name Lindt mean anything? Of course, great chocolates. On Saturday they are having a warehouse sale that will save you 50-70% off rrp on all sorts of tasty treats. Personal shoppers only, no bulk sales and a $250 limit per customer. But everything is while stocks last. The warehouse is in the old Wonderland theme park.

CCL (Lindt) Warehouse, 2 Alspec Pl, Eastern Creek. Sat May 31, 8-4.

Bill Crews and the female bishop debate

Whilst driving from church to Maccas tonight for the customary post-church supper after supper, I had the radio on 2GB. Bill Crews hosts a show, where, since he’s a minister of the Uniting Church, the theme of faith and Christianity comes up regularly.

Tonight, he spent some time giving it to the Sydney Anglican diocese, claiming that they were a “pompous lot” who were dragging the chain when it comes to issues such as the consecration of female bishops. This comes after the announcement in Perth that a female will be consecrated as a bishop next month. Crews used what he termed the number of women profiled in the Bible to advance his view, which is obviously that women deserve to be ordained into such positions of authority.

I am one of these so called pompous Sydney Anglicans, who just so happens to disagree with the decision of the Diocese of Perth. But my reasons for disagreement are by no means a reason to believe that I (along with many other fellow SydAngs) am entrenched in the dark ages. I am not one of those liberal types whose chief characteristic is that they question whether the truth of the Bible should be believed and applied as it was when it was written. The letters of Paul make it quite clear what the characteristics of an overseer of God’s people (such as a bishop) should be, and one of those is that an overseer should be a male (see 1 Timothy 3 for example).

Women have a valuable role to play in ministry and service in the church – of that there is no doubt in my mind. I know and greatly value many of my female friends who serve so faithfully at my church. However when it comes to the matter of taking the reins of a congregation, a parish or a diocese, I feel that we need to defer to the supreme authority of Scripture and find out what it has to say. When we do that, we cannot ignore the answer, whereby we reject the reality and substitute it with our own (as said in matters totally unrelated to faith by Mythbusters’ Adam Savage, but the phrase is so very true in situations such as these). We must accept and embrace that answer and act accordingly – to fail to do so is to fall into the trap of liberalism, where one loves the culture and people, but negelcts the Gospel and its truth (this is a summation of a handy overview put forward by Mark Driscoll in his book Confessions of a Reformission Rev) Similarly when it comes to other contentious issues, such as homosexuality and unrepentantly living as such whilst claiming to be a follower of Christ, the Bible must be seen as the source of the answer.

Bill Crews needs to rediscover the Scriptures and realise that they are the guidebook when it comes to ecumenical matters such as who should be charged with the responsibility of overseeing God’s flock. Call me a hardline conservative if you must, but to be otherwise in terms of theology is to dismiss the Bible as a mere document that only contains some suggestions and not the complete roadmap to the Christian faith. I can’t help but agree totally with what Albert Mohler says in his blog entry regarding theological liberalism and US seminaries – liberalism is in effect a religion of its own that undermines the faith that characterise biblical Christianity.

I can’t say for certain whether or not Crews falls under the category of a liberal. Perhaps someone who more regularly listens to his dialogue can brief me in the comments, but from what I have heard him say tonight, I can’t really be certain that he’s a theological conservative.

Australian Wife Carrying Championships

This weekend, the NSW town of Singleton hosts what I assume would be the pinnacle of its town calendar – the Australian Wife Carrying Championship. According to News Limited, 25 teams will participate in the festivities.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to drive up to Singleton to be immersed in the spirit of this sport, but thanks to the 2GB Continuous Call Team, who will be broadcasting live from a Mack semi-trailer from midday to 5pm tomorrow at the Singleton showground, we all can imagine what it must be like to carry a woman with the Estonian carry style through a myriad of obstacles.

Congratulations in advance to the winners, and good luck to all who will be participating.

Sydney Radio Ratings

An excellent synopsis from my chrome domed padre Steve. He didn’t touch on weekend ratings – 2GB won with their excellent range of informative programming, but expect them to increase their lead even further come 14 March, when the Continuous Call Team resumes business.