Faith on Film Festival

An interesting event at a few Hoyts cinemas around the state (particularly at the Fox Studios Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park) showcasing films relating to Christianity. It’s probably been created as a response to World Youth Day, but the selection of films looks rather conducive to church groups getting along for some sort of event of their own.

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Steve Carell in the Big Brother house?

I sure as anything hope this silly rumour remains such – it’s almost like applying CPR to a deceased person – sadly, such efforts don’t work when the victim (in this case, the Big Bother Brother house up at Dreamworld) is already…well, dead. An appearance on Rove is far more likely to be an appealing television viewing prospect in my opinion. I haven’t watched a second of BB for years and no A grade (nor D grade, for that matter) celebrity making an appearance in the house would change that.

Source: News Limited

Another “best of” list for your perusal

Courtesy of the American Film Institute, the top 10 movies in 10 different genres ranging from animation to fantasy toepic have been presented for many debates, water cooler discussions, and the like.

Of the selections, I have to say that some of the picks in the Fantasy category aren’t really what I would consider true fantasy genre movies. Groundhog Day and Big, whilst certainly great movies with innovative plotlines, don’t really share anything with the Lord of the Rings trilogy (except the fact that there are actors in both, I guess…). It must be said though that the AFI defines fantasy as:

a genre where live-action characters inhabit imagined settings and/or experience situations that transcend the rules of the natural world

Plus it’s a bit strange not to see a straight out comedy list (as opposed to romantic comedy), although I would not wish to be part of the selection committee for it because it would be too hard to sift through many hundreds of classic comedy films.

Over to you, film buffs…

Charlton Heston passes away

A legend of cinema has died at the age of 84. SMH report can be read here – not as much a tribute as it is a biopic of a man who became known later in life for his involvement with the National Rifle Association (an association that promotes the ownership of firearms in the US, and a topic that could be heavily debated) and his campaigning for civil rights in the US.

Movie Review – Vantage Point

Vantage Point is an action/thriller where the chief element of the plot is laid out in the first 10-15 minutes. The US President is shot whilst at a summit in Spain, after which there are 2 bomb blasts. It’s evidently a terrorist act. What follows is a view of the same event from the perspective of 7 different characters, from one of the President’s secret service agents, to a US tourist who captures the event on his camcorder. As each perspective is played out, new twists and turns are added, creating a scenario that is astoundingly more complex and dastardly than would be imagined.

It’s an interesting method of unravelling the plot to show what really happened, and whilst some reviewers have stated that the number of characters appears to be too many, I feel that 8 (the first, and most simple, perspective shown is that of a news director covering the event) is enough to form a very diverse cross section of characters whose interaction overlaps several times during the 27 minute period that is being played out. The significance of some characters in the overall plot deepens from being a cameo sort of role in one perspective, to that character’s more in depth involvement being played out in a future perspective.

I didn’t find the re-enactment of the plot to be tedious, since each one added relevant, and at times, completely surprising, details to create the overal story. However, the dialogue on the whole left little room for character development. Also, there were some rather obvious continuity errors in a chase scene, where the cars involved went from being damaged to pristine, to damaged again. Maybe I’m being picky, but for a person who loves a really involved and daring chase scene, it’s important that when a car loses its front bumper, it remains lost.

Overall though, I enjoyed the film. It was fast paced, action packed, and an example of what terrorists could so easily do in the future to harm international leaders. In some ways, the 90 minute duration could have done well to be extended so that we could get to know some characters outside of that 27 minute period, but for what was being told, the duration wasn’t too bad.

Vantage Point is rated M 15+, and has moderate violence and some coarse language.


A quote from Alfred Hitchcock

The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder.

A rather timely find via my iGoogle home page, since I’m planning to up a brief review of the movie Vanatge Point, which I saw last night. Fortunately it could be classified in the “not too long for its own good” category.

More this afternoon.