Sydneysiders can wash their cars properly again!!

I am ecstatic that the next time I wash my car, I can use a hose again! Following the slight easing of water restrictions by the State Government, householders can use trigger nozzles fitted to their garden hoses to wash their cars.

However, for some absurd reason, there is a naysayer in the form of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW. Why is it absurd? Because to many people who, over the past 5 years, have had to resort to filling up buckets of water to throw over their cars, such a method actually uses more water than a trigger nozzle where the flow of water can be controlled. I would suggest that this move may actually decrease water usage in individual households, even if it may slightly increase overall usage because more people will return to the method after using car washes for several years.

It’s rare for me to praise the State Government, but this is one such time where praise is worth the effort.


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