Cricket switch hitting will not be outlawed

Thankfully, common sense is prevailing and Kevin Pietersen’s creativity will not be stifled in the process. Cricinfo reports that the MCC considers the shot “exciting”.

After thinking about it a bit since my post last night, it’s rather funny how people are complaining about the fielding team’s field settings being thrown into disarray when it seems that KP will end up negating their influence by clearing the fence more times than not.


3 Responses

  1. kevin p is among the finest batsmen to watch……a hard hitter and a match winner when he has his day,as far as improvisation goes i dont see anything wrong with it ……its adds so much Salt and pepper to the game and its always a pleasure to watch the replays of those improvisied shots…..well done kevin….and besides not to mention it also requires skill to do and the fielding side complaining ? 😛

  2. I love Kevin. He has the ability to smash the bowl without any difficulty.

    Aadil Aijaz

  3. I’m so glad common sense has come into it here….a great shot that I hope to see again…again and again!

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