The Lord’s Supper – can all come and receive?

Gordo’s written about this on the Sola Panel blog. I’ve left a comment that is yet to be approved  as of now – basically I said that in my opinion, based on the “protocol” behind it in Scripture, I don’t know whether I can see the value of an unbeliever participating in the Lord’s Supper if they have not yet embraced the significance of the meal. If I had not yet been saved, I would feel very awkward going up to the altar to partake in a meal celebrating the death of one I did not have faith in.

If you have thoughts, I encourage you to take them to the discussion at the Sola Panel as well as (or in preference to) here.


8 Responses

  1. Altar?

    Not sure I agree with the terminology of a re-sacrifice, though I think I know what you mean!

    I believe the warnings should be given every time to protecte people, then if they still choose to take part, then so be it.

    Same with baptism, tell the families that they are hypocrites if they want to get baptised for family tradition, then do it anyway if they still want to, and let them deal with the self judgement.

    I believe this becasue the sacrament is literally an ‘enacted word’ and becasue there are only two instituted by Jesus, we can say that they have genuine evangelistic import such that one can take the sacrament and at that point be converted through the enacted word of God.

    Warn, Teach, then administer freely, for if we do not, we take the place of God in judging the heart of another.

  2. I picked altar simply because it’s up the front and that’s where the bread and wine are at Toms’. Plus I agree with the warning part and let them take it from there – I know that if I was administering, then I couldn’t simply disallow them from being there, but I would hope that they were certain in their heart of why they were doing it.

  3. my discussion of altar is it sacrificial overtones, iterating that the communion meal is a sacrifice, not a rememberance.

    i like table better

    i have this in my head you see, its my sermon for tomorrow in my mind on this topic

  4. Ah, righty – now I know where you’re coming from with “re-sacrifice”.

  5. baptism is for families who follow God not for families who like to have a **** up

  6. communion meal is for rememberance.i download the talk from st matty website next week

  7. the sacraments are for people to make their own mind up on though.

    It is not for us to withhold them from anyone who asks, becasue we cannot know their heart.

    We must declare the warnings then proceed with their word as our surity of either belief, or subsequent judgement.

    baptism is for them, you are right, but it is not for me to deny the sign once all warnings have been communicated

  8. Andrew, please be careful with your choice of language – I want to make sure that the general “atmosphere” of comments won’t offend fellow readers, so I’ve edited one of the words you used. Hope you understand my reasoning for doing so, mate.

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