iPod Jesus v Peter Jensen

Matthias Media has gained the publishing rights of the book The Future of Jesus, originally published in 2005 by ABC Books as a transcript of Peter Jensen’s broadcast as part of the Boyer Lectures series.

The original publication feature on the cover a silhouette of Jesus, holding an iPod – in a way implying that Jesus is relevant to today’s world and his message integrates with the current popular culture. The Matthias publication is a bit more sedate, and features a portrait photo of the Archbishop on the cover. Both covers are shown below.


I think that the original may have a greater appeal to curious readers who may be looking to find out more about Jesus, because it sort of looks interesting. Not to say that Dr Jensen doesn’t, but for those who are inclined to judge a book by its cover, they may be more readily drawn to the older style. The newer one is a bit more indicative of Matthias’ cover designs, however I am a bit surprised to see a picture of Dr Jensen on the cover (the first time that I recall seeing a book published by Matthias with the author pictured on the cover).

Feel free to agree or disagree – regardless of what is actually on the cover, it is a book that gets to the heart of Jesus and his significance in this world. A download of the first chapter can be found via the above link.


9 Responses

  1. If you are asking do I prefer Jesus to Peter Jensen?

  2. If you are the answer is obvious

  3. No – the cover design…hence my display of the 2 pictures 🙂

  4. I was joking!

    Its Jesus all the way, in person and in cover!!

  5. Just like you said, it is the first time, as far as I can tell, that the author is pictured on a book cover from the Matthias Media. Interesting. I don’t like books with the author’s face on the cover generally, but between the two book covers, I actually prefer the new design. The shadow of “Jesus-like” figure, while some may say it is well concealed, still conjures up a false image of Jesus that various artists have potrayed for a while reminding me of the Roman Catholicism from the middle ages.

  6. Tmothy, very valid point re. the false image of Jesus. I guess though that these images are the manner in which a fair number have come to visualise Jesus through his portrayal in art. I don’t think irreverence is intended in this instance though.

  7. i always thought the shadowy figure was a silhouette of Peter Jensen himself, who said it looked like Jesus?


  8. funny one, Steve! I’d love to see Peter Jensen with such a long and curly hair style with an ipod in his ears. haha

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