Witnessing to Westboro

For the unaware, Westboro Baptist Church in the US are infamous for their protests at funerals, and at other public gatherings where they hold aloft signs such as “God Hates Fags”. I consider their methods to be rather disconcerting and manipulative of the truth of God’s message of salvation through repentance (although they would adamantly say that they are doing the right thing in their exposure of sinful behaviour, forgetting that God shows no favouritism between different types of sins).

Here is an account of a pastor attending the Southern Baptist Convention who took the step of “witnessing” to a man who was part of a Westboro demonstration. An interesting part of the discussion is that the person whom the pastor was speaking with responds. He links to a Westboro Baptist blog, where (not surprisingly, in my opinion) comments are not allowed. It seems like the authors may be to confident in themselves to allow for rebuke (and some would agree with me that there is a lot of rebuke that could be made).

(h/t Craig)


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  1. This is the long history of Phelp’s “church” which he constructed with his legal experience as a tax dodge.


    Addicted to hate indeed.

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