To the back bench, Della!

Looks like John Della Bosca shouldn’t have had a hand in writing the infamous apology – he’s been relegated to the back bench pending the results of the police investigation into the scandal that has captured the media’s attention. Della Bosca’s termed the whole issue a media beat up and is apparently going to sue The Sunday Telegraph for their role in this alleged defaming.

Nothing about the other allegations though – seems that Iemma can’t quite accept that his buddy may have actually acted improperly in Gosford last week, and I don’t know that even a police investigation that may prove the protagonist to be a “Della Big Mouth” would change the preconceptions. Sometimes though you have to put those feelings aside and actually admit that your friends may act one way around you and in another manner when you don’t see them. Morris should think about doing that for a while when it comes to his mate John.

Source: Livenews


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