Helping people apologise to you

One of the latest revelations in the scandal of the week is that John Della Bosca wrote a draft of the apology given to him and his wife by Iguana Bar management. As you’d probably expect, he’s dismissed any allegations that it’s improper to do so.

It all stinks of coercion, bullyboy tactics and extreme pressure from Della Bosca though, and Ray Hadley is currently saying on his program that the owners and management of the Iguana Bar will tell all to police to assist with their investigations (thus expanding a bit on what he said yesterday afternoon on Philip Clark’s drive show). It seems that there is no point any more in skirting the real issues and truth that has already come out (and that which is yet to come out).

Manipulation of the facts cannot be tolerated any longer by the silent and absent Premier – I can only imagine that this weekend will be one of the most turbulent in politics in many years.


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