Drink driving campaigns gone too far?

In my opinion, Australia has done a job that is second to none when it comes to raising awareness of the dangers of drink driving. Slogans such as “Drink and drive, you’re a bloody idiot” are renowned for their simplicity and truth.

Californian police and teachers seem to be lagging a long way behind when it comes to educating teenagers at El Camino High School. There is no way that any responsible teacher would fake the deaths of high school students in order to scare their students away from drink driving, but El Camino’s teachers did just that, using this as the reasoning behind 26 students being absent from school. Add to that the grief that it caused some students, and you can only imagine that feeling turn to immense anger after being told it was a hoax.

The lack of contrition from the school is what disgusts me the most though. Why on earth would a guidance counsellor want the students at their high school to be traumatised over events that did not happen in the first place? If I were one of the “Dead” students, with a perfectly valid reason for being absent from school, I would be absolutely disgusted at the staff for allowing such fallacy to take place, which betrays the trust of all the students affected by the prank.

To a degree it’s almost like a reverse muck up day, only that the teachers at this school have gone way too far by exploiting students with the aim of preventing what is indeed a valid problem on roads all over the world. There are much more tasteful ways of ramming home the message that if you drink and drive, you deserve to be caught – that is, if you don’t die in the process.

Source: News Limited


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