Thongs – the new health threat

Research from the US suggests that the regular wearing of thongs/flip flops does more harm than good when it comes to posture and leg health. Justin Shroyer, the lead author of the study, suggests that they should not be a primary footwear choice for any person who wants to maintain a health gait and prevent pain in the legs and feet.

Makes sense – the typical Havaianas aren’t really that well sculpted to fit a particular foot, and even though they’re reasonably cushy, I would never wear them full time. Plus, if you inadvertently kick your toe on the pavement, it’ll just take the skin off your toe (and possibly a nail if you’re unlucky).

However I wonder what they’d have to say about Maseurs. Should Sven be worried?

Source: News Limited


2 Responses

  1. Doh! I like wearing thongs, although, I actually prefer being barefooted as much as possible (not possible most of the time living in an urban area).

  2. That study is a bunch of crap, by softening the blow of the foot striking the ground, your body does not compensate for the stress on the joints correctly. The more padded your shoes, the worse it is for your knees.

    Barefoot has less stress on knees than a pair of over padded joggers.

    Check this out;

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