The Iguanagate plot thickens

Allegations of coercion and verbal threats by NSW Labor Party members towards the management of the Iguana Bar are being confirmed on 2GB right now as I type this. This whole issue is only going to get worse for John Della Bosca and his beleaguered Premier.

More info as it comes to hand.


2 Responses

  1. I dont like Iguana gate as a name

    I prefer the Della Bella Saga


  2. It is all so typical I am afraid. To be blunt, Morris Iemma is probably a decent man, shackled to a party overrepresented by thugs and manipulators. The problem is that a “leader” is typically chosen, often not as the best person to lead, but the person likely to offend fewer people or factions. This seems to be especially true of the labour party – it seems to attract certain types of people. In our polarised (bipolar?) political system, the liberals have their own set of problems although they are not completely different. The other side of this type of leadership is the Hawkes and Keatings (in the Federal sphere at least) who lead the factions by wielding their personality like a baseball bat.

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