Is Kevin Rudd sexist?

Julia Irwin, the federal Labor MP for the Sydney seat of Fowler, has apparently questioned Kevin Rudd as to whether the gender of “possibly soon to be already more disgraced than she already is” fellow MP Belinda Neal was a factor in his advice for Neal to seek professional counselling to deal with her displays of unacceptable behaviour.

I think the claims are lunacy. I’m sure that if Rudd were to catch wind of one of his male counterparts engaging in unacceptable behaviour, he would act in the same manner. It’s just that when you look at Neal’s rapsheet, climaxing with her alleged abuse at the Iguana Bar, it’s something that reads like a school bully’s record of behaviour leading to detentions. Besides, Julia Gillard wasn’t handing out compliments regarding the alleged behaviour a couple of days ago.

Most people on the street would probably agree that what Rudd’s done is pretty fair – advising one of his workers to seek help to make herself most effective as a representative of her constituents. Any good manager in my opinion would do the same, as opposed to throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Source: News Limited


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