Church photography groups

I was having a chat to one of the ladies from my church at Lifeworks tonight whilst I was taking photos of some of the goings on. She has the same camera as I have (a Canon EOS 400D) and was telling me that she would love to be able to find out the best ways to get the most out of the camera, since it’s a digital SLR.

One of our congregation is a professional photographer who works with Fairfax, and we have a couple of other people who are serious when it comes to having a camera in their hands. We agreed that it might be a good idea to think about having some sort of photography group within the church, with the aim of not only getting to grips with our cameras, but inviting friends with similar interests on picture taking excursions as a different sort of link to church. We could start with a seminar hosted by our pro photographer, who could give us tips on how to take the perfect photo, and then use those newly found skills on these excursions. In a church atmosphere that usually does out reach ministry based on gender interests, it could be a refreshing change that could embrace families as well as couples and singles.

Just curious to know whether any churches out there have started up a group based on this particular hobby. How did you kick it off, how is it going now, and have you seen any new people coming into the church through that group?


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  1. The church I am a member of up on the Sunshine Coast has many interest based groups. We have a Riders Club that sees many pre-Christians to church monthly for a long motorbike ride after church in the morning. There are also scuba diving, hospitality, dance groups etc that also meet to bring in others from outside the community. All of these are still successful in the church. I believe the kick off to these groups happened through a few people with a similar interest (like photography) who wanted to do something with it to continue doing what they love as well as winning more people for the Kingdom at the same time. I hope this helps.

  2. can we see some of your lifeworks handiwok photos?

  3. Sheena – thanks for your response. My church has similar interest groups eg. 4WD, scrapbooking, craft, etc. They’re more informal than activities that are designed to be non-confrontational to non-Christian invitees. My vision of a photography club might start off similarly, but when/if it’s established, we might look at expanding to a Kingdom winning focus as opposed to fellowship.

    Steve – maybe. I’ll have to see what’s publishable, but I do have a pic of Richard with Tracy’s nametag on that will see the day of light somewhere.

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