Your favourite song with a number as the title

A track on Coldplay’s forthcoming album as named 42. Frontman Chris Martin has described the song as "a nod to U2’s 40 and 1979 by the Smashing Pumpkins", inevitably because these 3 songs have in common the fact that the title of each song is a number.

So I thought I’d pose a question to whoever reads this blog. What is your favourite song that has a number (and a number only) as its name? My favourite is almost certainly the song #41 by Dave Matthews Band (so named because it was the 41st song written by Dave Matthews). As a tribute, I thought I’d share one of my favourite versions of the song, from the DMB show at the United Center in Chicago on 19 December 1998. It features a guest solo by bassist Victor Wooten and is in my opinion very close to musical perfection.


Looking forward to some good discussion, and possibly discovering some new songs.


5 Responses

  1. I dunno if it counts, but ‘One’ by Metallica comes to mind, so does ‘Twenty Two’ by millencolin.

    Ill keep thinking

  2. p76 by the coodabeen champions it a great song and the song 1 – 0 by all soccer fans

  3. The p rules P76 out, I’m afraid – even though it appears to be a song about Leyland’s misunderstood beast.

    Steve, yours count – One is probably in my top 3 Metallica songs (not that I really like that many of them though…)

  4. 5.23 by Global Communications
    11:11 by The All-American Rejects
    24 by switchfoot

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