Would you let Willie Mason skipper the Blues next year?

With Danny Buderus heading to England next year, the captaincy of the NSW State of Origin team will be up for grabs, and Willie Mason (unsurprisingly) has said that he would relish the chance to lead his state.

Looking back at the list of greats who have led the Blues into battle, Willie doesn’t really stand out as one who would continue the legacy. But part of me thinks he may actually make a good job of it, despite the fact that I’m by no means a fan of him. He does lift in big matches such as Origin, and whilst his leadership qualities may be a bit sub-standard, he stands out as a player with a wealth of experience in these matches.

Of the current squad, I can only think of Mark Gasnier who comes close in terms of experience, and he’s probably been a bit more more consistent when it comes to his image in the game (albeit with a blip on the radar when he was dropped from the Blues side in 2004 for a lewd phone message he left on a womans’ phone). Also, Gasnier is the Dragons’ current skipper, which will count for a little bit.

Source: Livenews


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