John Della Bosca in hot water…

The NSW Education Minister may be in a bit of trouble over allegations that him and his wife, federal MP Sandra Neal, were abrupt and rude at a Gosford restaurant on Friday night.

Regarding the furore over his lost license, even though he may still have it and is awaiting its suspension, his behaviour in the restaurant, and that of his wife, is rather inexcusable for 2 prominent members of the local community. A very reasonable request was made of them and they acted like tall poppies in their refusal to acquiesce to the request.

I doubt Morris Iemma will do all that much to intervene though, but Della Bosca’s rap sheet is growing and he’d do well to pull his head in before something else happens.

Source: News Limited


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  1. I think it is funny that he couldn’t find a cab on the Central Coast, wouldn’t be the first there.

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