Facebook “rant”

I like Facebook. Not as much as some people I know, but it’s been a great way of finding out who from high school still remembers who I am, amongst other things.

One annoying thing, besides the regular requests from friends to add different functions and features (I’ve blogged previously about a solution that I’ve found to this), is the single “singles ad” that appear each time I navigate the site. The captions, written under pictures of what the world would term “attractive women”, include such pearls of wisdom as “Why not meet some hot single girls on SinglesNet?” and “Talk to 5 girls in 5 minutes at WooMe.com”.

Of course I understand that the ads probably help keep the site free, but why dating/singledom ads, especially when I’m sure that many of the site’s single users are happily so. I don’t know what different ads come up if you happen to be married, engaged or otherwise, but if there have to be ads, I’d rather have the chance to specify what I may actually be interested in seeing, as opposed to the Facebook brain assuming that because I am a single guy, I must need to find a lady. I appreciate the fact that one can either give ads the thumbs up or thumbs down, but when each ad gets the thumbs down, one must wonder whether they could find ads that target other interests in your profile other than your marital status.

There do appear to be other ads with nothing to do with meeting girls, but is it a mere coincidence that those ads have never greeted me? I somehow doubt it…


4 Responses

  1. I don’t think the ads are related to anything. I use Facebook, and my status is “in a relationship”, and I still get the dating ads. It is quite annoying.

  2. Facebook has the ability, if you haven’t disabled it, to view what other websites you search through Facebook Becon and then uses that data to target you with ads. It also relates ads to the conversations you have and so forth.

    For example, I have never seen a dating ad, but due to weightlifting, all the ads I see are for fat loss or working out tips.

    So uh, maybe you should stop surfing singles sites and the ads will go away?

  3. That would be reasonable if I did actually browse through dating sites (I don’t – never have and never will)…but a few of my friends were talking about the dating ads on one’s wall last week, so that might be a logical reason.

    I’ll have to investigate Facebook Beacon – never knew it existed 🙂

  4. Hi Kristian… I wrote about Facebook’s silly singles ads on my blog yesterday (http://r8chel.wordpress.com/2008/11/20/29-and-alone-again/). There do seem to be a few ads specifically targeted at something other than relationship status, since I’ve recently seen ads about camping/backpacking, as well as one about pianists. Playing piano and hiking are listed among my interests on my profile. Coincidence? I’m doubtful.

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