Euro 2008 – do you care? I do…sort of.

The European Championships of football (or soccer…whatever you want to call it) kicks off in Basel, Switzerland, tomorrow. Switzerland take on the Czech Republic.

Question is, does anyone in Australia know this, and if they do, do they care? Apparently, some games are being shown on SBS, with the bulk to be screened on Setanta Sports (which is only available through a Foxtel subscription upgrade). Add to that the reality of games being shown in the dark depths of the night and it would seem that only the diehard expatriates will be the only ones who are fired up to see who will win the tournament.

I, for one, will take a passing interest in the outcome of Euro 2008, but most likely only through website updates and whatever highlights may be shown on TV. Looking at the squads, I’d probably lean towards France to avenge their World Cup loss and win the tournament. Depsite Cristiano Ronaldo’s awe inspiring past season with Manchester United, I reckon Portugal will do what they always seem to do at major championships – get to the business end and fall at the final or second to last hurdle. It’s a bit of a shame that England won’t be there, but in the end it serves them right for not playing well when it counted and they bowed out of qualifying at the expense of Russia.

Thoughts? Tips? Projected top goal scorers?


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