Double demerit points

As the clock ticks over to midnight in about 6 hours, the holiday period of double demerit points starts on NSW roads.

And with that, even though I’ll be asleep, I’ll roll my eyes and wonder why. My opinion has nothing much to do with the fines, but the fact that with the ability to record extra demerit points, the RTA probably revels in its role as judge, jury and executioner when it comes to your driving record.

You can take fines to court if you believe them to be unwarranted, but you can never have the points removed through the same avenue, since the RTA refuses you right of appeal. Of course, I agree that there is merit in having some sort of points system to remind people of their driving responsibilities, but the notion and belief that doubling the points for a few days (and starting the whole exercise well before the long weekend actually starts – doesn’t it commence on Saturday, not Friday) is just daft.

I’ll certainly be driving safely over the next few days, but not because I fear facing twice the punishment from the mob who issue me with my license, but because there are other road users who don’t need me driving like a lunatic.


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