J@tz stands for Juniors at Toms. It’s a midweek group at our church for kids aged between 4 and 8, and God has blessed it with great growth in numbers, from only 2 to 3 at the end of last term to a steady group of about 15 to 18 right now. It meets on Wednesday afternoons at our church’s ministry centre and includes songs, craft activitites, games, skits and a simple Bible talk.

I’ve joined the faithful group of leaders who’ve been looking after these young kids, partly in response to an idea that one of the leaders had for bringing a bit of unrecorded music into the song times, but mainly because, after a fair few years of feeling out of the loop when it comes to working with young kids, I’ve enjoyed acting like a controlled fool with them whilst our Lifeworks course has been going on over the past few Tuesdays. They have a preciousness and remarkable lucidity when it comes to what they have been taught about God, and it’s great to see that they can not just enjoy Sundays learning about God and playing with their friends, but doing so during the week as well.

I’m looking forward to next week! šŸ™‚


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  1. good on you mate!!

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