Bravehearts petition against Bill Henson

The organisation Bravehearts (which seeks to highlight issues relating to child abuse, sexual assault and similar issues related to child welfare) have created a petition, whereby those who sign it indicate their support of Kevin Rudd’s speaking against Bill Henson’s exploitative photographic work, which has been widely discussed in the media for the past 2 weeks.

If you are interested in signing this petition, please fill out the details at this page. Although the organisation is a secular one, the petition has been supported by Phil Gerber, the Head of the Professional Standard Unit of the Sydney Anglican Diocese. If you support the stance by the PM and other prominent Australians against these photographic works, I encourage you to sign it.

Note: This is merely intended to inform people about the petition – I will not be discussing the ethics or morality of the issue, except to say that in my signing of it, my position is quite clear. If you feel the need to comment, please do so in a cordial manner and one which is not conducive to debate on this matter.


One Response

  1. i think online petitions are pointless it better to send a email or something in the post

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