Golf Course Review: Colonial Golf Course

The Colonial at Werrington has a fair reputation for being a bit of a dog paddock with a few fairways and greens. According to my brother, when the deluge of rain happened back in April, the whole course was flooded for a couple of weeks. It’s by no means a visual stunner (with power lines running across the course and potentially in play off the 1st tee), but looks better than what it once was, and whilst it’d make a seasoned golfer scoff and laugh, it’s not that crap.

It’s essentially a par 3 course with 2 short par 4s of around 230m length (the 6th and 7th) which can be easily reched off the tee. The par 3s range from 100m to 180m, and are largely bereft of bunkers or other challenges, ensuring that the only way that you could possibly not par the hole is hook or slice your tee shot. There is a small creek (which, depending on the recent weather, can either be full of water or bone dry) that runs across the 7th fairway and is generally never in play for a player with reasonable length off the tee. A good drive means that an eagle opportunity is there at these par 4s.

The clubhouse is a demountable, and there is a small BBQ area. Fees are probably on the pricey side when you consider the quality of course, with 9 holes costing $15. There are better courses in the area offering 9 holes for the same price or less, so the pricing may be something that the owners want to evaluate (or invest in making what’s there a bit more challenging with some more bunkers and water hazards, maybe).

Rating: 2 stars


2 Responses

  1. That could be the best review ever, summed up with the immortal words:

    Its not that crap!

    Love it

  2. Yes…it implies that the product is suboptimal, but not as suboptimal as playing golf in a minefield. 🙂

    I forgot to mention that I played there today, started off at the 5th because there was a backlog of groups at the 1st and I was playing by myself. I rushed around a bit and didn’t actually keep score, but I was actually okay off the tee 4/9ths of the time and brutally rubbish the other 5/9ths. I’m hoping to get some keen blokes together by the end of the year for a proper round a la the pre KMC golf day, but on a Saturday.

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