Has your GPS taken you off the beaten track?

Police have advised that the traditional road map or street directory is more effective at taking a motorist from Point A to Point B after revealing instances of having to rescue drivers who’d found themselves lost. Read News Limited’s story here.

I don’t have one myself, nor do I really see the cost effectiveness of one in favour of a street directory if I’m travelling around Sydney and its surrounds. I simply look it up, plot my path and if I forget where I need to go, I just pull over and check where I am. It’s not that much of an inconvenience, and at $25 to $30, it’s at least a tenth of the cost of a GPS unit. In my opinion it’s a no brainer – I’d pick a UBD, Sydway or Gregory’s every time.

If you use a GPS unit regularly, have you found yourself getting lost on the odd occasion, thus finding that to get to Point B you have to go on an epic adventure?


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  1. Thanks for sharing that! Nice post. I just glanced through it.


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