Burn Your Plastic Jesus

Tickets go on sale today for this KCC event at the Entertainment Centre where Mark Driscoll will be speaking. Find out how to get hold of them here. Looks like it’s going to be a great night of not just relevant and faithful Bible teaching, but good music as well.

I wonder though whether Gordo will be slightly wavered by the appearance of the Engage band though, given this example of his writings last year.

And yes, I am back to creating sentences and phrases of trouble and strife – have had a nice week or so of time to absorb news and current events instead of being publicly opinionated about them.

EDIT: Just bought mine – for those familiar with the Ent Cent, there are reserved seats on the floor and the surrounding circle is unreserved. I got seats 3rd row from the front, so looks like you may have a little bit of time on your hands to get a good seat close to the stage. Buy a few for your friends (which is what I did – even though I wouldn’t have a clue whether or not anyone from church would be able to go. I’m sure some people will though).


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