Oscar Pistorius

This story has been rather big news when it comes to the Olympics. Pistorius is a South African double amputee who runs professionally on prosthetic legs, and has successfully appealed against a decision by the IAAF (the governing body of athletics) stating that he could not attempt to qualify for the Olympics (as opposed to the Paralympics, which an amputee like him would be more commonly seen in). Now he is set to compete in events in Rome and Milan in July.

I don’t have any issue whatsoever with Pistorius competing against able bodied competitors. It seems rather weird that the IAAF claimed that his carbon fibre prosthetics served to give Pistorius an unfair advantage, when his Paralympic world record time for the 400m would not be a good enough time to qualify for the Olympics. It seems that he actually has a little bit of work to do to get up to standard as opposed to being above the standard already. Whether he can find the strength inside his actual body to improve remains to be seen, but I think that he’s probably getting as much help from the prosthetics as he’s going to get.

Good luck to him!

Source: Fox Sports


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