Canadian Lutheran church to ordain gay pastor

The liberal stance on homosexuality in the Christian church is filtering even more vividly through Canada, so it seems. The Holy Cross church in the Toronto area claims the policies regarding the exclusion of homosexuals from ordained ministry as discriminatory. I, along with many other Bible believing people of the faith, would simply call it Biblical and call upon the church to return to the truth of the Scriptures that they should be faithfully teaching.

Source: News Limited

In related news, the Californian Supreme Court has ruled that linking the term “marriage” to a union between a man and a woman is unconstitutional and has allowed same sex marriages to go ahead in the most populous state of the USA. It’s yet another sign that political correctness and embracing of alternative and unnatural relations between people is rampantly and unashamedly destroying the basic fabric of society.

Source: News Limited (again)


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