Bristol City v Hull City

Seems rather unfashionable and strange, regardless of whether or not you follow the round ball game, but these are the 2 teams that will play off at Wembley to join the English Premier League next season (and, quite possibly return to the Championship from which they are vying to exit). Bristol saw off the more fancied Crystal Palace in a thrilling extra time victory, whilst Hull also saw off more experienced opposition in the form of Watford.

I have no idea whatsoever about these 2 sides, except that each side features an Aussie (Nick Carle from Bristol, and Richard Garcia from Hull), and that it may well be a similar story for the victor as this year’s Premiership odyssey was for the utterly woeful Derby County (just one win all season and 10 points from 38 games). The estimated 60 million pound bounty that promotion is estimated to provide is hardly ever useful as a team of able bodied footballers comes up against 17 seasoned sides, plus the 2 teams that came up with them. Generally one of the promoted teams can’t cope with the changes in game dynamics, opposition skill and profile, and ends up going back down to where they came.

Not to cast these contenders aside so early, but I’m sure the fans of each side will know that if their side is promoted by virtue of winning the playoff on Sunday week, they’ll need to reach another level of quality to make it in the world’s best known football league.


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