Australia’s greatest TV comedies

David Dale of the Sun Herald has gone about ranking the 20 best comedy shows to be seen on Aussie TV. I’ve reproduced the list below (which, it’s said, is based on ratings and longevity)

1 Hey Dad (1984-94)
2 The Paul Hogan Show (1973-1982)
3 Kath and Kim (2002- )
4 The Comedy Company (1988-1991)
5 The Normal Gunston Show (1975-79)
6 The Mavis Bramston Show (1964-68 )
7 Fast Forward/ Full Frontal (1989-1998 )
8 Mother and Son (1984-1994)
9 Thank God You’re Here (2006-)
10 The Chaser team under various titles (2002-)
11 All Aussie Adventures (2001-03)
12 Frontline (1994-97)
13 Summer Heights High (2007)
14 Kingswood Country (1979-1984)
15 The Naked Vicar Show (1977-78 )
16 The D Generation (1986-89)
17 My Name’s McGooley, What’s Yours (1967-69)
18 Acropolis Now (1989-1992)
19 The Aunty Jack Show (1972-75)
20 The Games (1998-2000)

It’s not a bad list, but of the shows that are missing that could be deemed worthy of inclusion, I would nominate The Panel, The Late Show (which probably could have been included with D Generation) and, whilst not strictly comedy focussed shows, Hey Hey It’s Saturday and In Melbourne Tonight under Graham Kennedy’s hosting.


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